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Happy 2nd Anniversary to Luka V4X🎶🎂

We uploaded new Vocaloid cover songs on 3/20 celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Luka V4X!
(actually the release date of Luka V4X was 3/19/2015 so we're one day late... but never mind the details! lol)
We covered two Bossa Nova songs "One Note Samba" & "Triste" by Antonio Carlos Jobim in collaboration with talented members!

Original: Antonio Carlos Jobim Arranged by dogma mushi Lyrics Translation: Tamaki Neko Sax: Kino-G Guitar: Tamaki Neko Illustration: yagiko Movie: Higenov Dancekaya

Original: Antonio Carlos Jobim Arranged by Tamaki Neko
Lyrics Translation: Tamaki Neko Vocal Edit: doguma mushi Sax: Kino-G Guitar: Tamaki Neko Movie: Higenov Dancekaya Illustration: Yagiko
🎶Also available in niconico douga Any comments are always welcome and appreciated!
It was my first time to play the guitar formally for online uploads. It was such a great experience!🎸
I will keep practicing and uploading cover songs like these in the…

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